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Wired For Success: The Benefits Of Rewiring Your Commercial Space

Messy cables to show the benefits of making the choice to implement an electrical rewire of your commercial space.


Poor or outdated wiring in your commercial space can pose serious safety and productivity issues that impact your business’s bottom line. However, a rewiring project provides the perfect opportunity to upgrade your electrical system to meet your current needs, improve safety for staff and customers, and reduce costs through energy-efficient solutions.


In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of including an electrical rewire in your planned and preventative maintenance schedule.


Safety First

Safety is arguably the most important reason electrical circuits must be maintained in excellent condition. Faulty electrical wiring is a leading cause of fires in commercial buildings, but it can be difficult to spot problems when walls, floors, or ceilings hide them. A total rewire enables electricians to replace old sockets, switches, and cables at risk of sparking, arcing, or overheating. New wiring and circuit breakers which meet current electrical regulations and safety standards will help to prevent fires and electrocution hazards. By undertaking an electrical rewire, you can be confident that positive steps have been taken to protect your staff, customers, and property and reduce the risk of legal action against your business.


Optimised For Your Needs

Over time, your energy needs may have changed as your business has evolved or expanded. A rewiring project allows you to reconfigure and enhance the electrical system to provide efficient power to equipment and devices, for example, upgrading to a higher amperage or adding more sockets and switches where they are needed. As part of a rewire, new circuits can also be installed for separate applications, such as phone chargers, audio-visual equipment, or computers. Rewiring will ensure your electrical infrastructure meets your business’s needs and optimises your energy consumption for maximum cost-efficiency.


Energy Efficiency Upgrades

When rewiring is undertaken, it’s the perfect opportunity to add energy-efficient lighting and appliances, which result in lower bills. For example, changing from expensive incandescent bulbs to LEDs, which use up to 90 per cent less energy and last 25 times longer, can significantly reduce costs, especially in large commercial properties with many lights – even disregarding the fact that incandescent bulbs are now no longer widely available in the UK. Occupancy sensors, timers, and dimmers can further reduce lighting costs. A full rewire will also enable you to promote your business’s commitment to sustainability and reduce its demand for damaging fossil fuels.


An Aesthetically Pleasing Workplace Environment

By rewiring your commercial building, you can also upgrade fixtures and fittings, such as power sockets and switches. Sleek, modern options, such as brushed nickel or chrome, with USB sockets, blend stunning visual appeal with excellent functionality, while concealed wiring improves aesthetics by eliminating trailing cables and clutter. By carrying out an electrical rewire, your staff will benefit from working in a clean, modern, and professional environment.


Find Out More

At Orion Technical Services, we carry out full replacement of commercial wiring to improve functionality and safety, helping our customers save money while complying with current electrical regulations. To find out more, please send us a message.


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