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How Your Business Can Stand Out By Installing EV Charging Stations

EV charging stations in a business area to stand out from their competitors by boosting employee productivity.


Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming a more common sight on the UK’s roads, yet the number of EV charging points – which are essential for their reliable use – isn’t keeping pace with changes in the motor industry. Commercial EV charging offers employees and customers a convenient and time-friendly solution to the problem of insufficient charging stations, putting less strain on the existing infrastructure by providing more options for motorists and making better use of their time.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of EV charging stations for businesses and why you should consider installing them on your premises.


Meeting Demand

Latest figures reveal that, at the end of September 2023, there were approximately 0.9 million electric vehicles on the UK’s roads and 550,000 plug-in hybrid models. With steady growth in the EV car market year-on-year and the UK committed to banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2035, it is clear that electric vehicles will become the norm. However, drivers of EVs often experience difficulty in finding a charging point, so by installing EV charging stations at your business, you’ll be able to provide a convenient solution for employees and customers alike. Staff can leave their cars to conveniently charge during the working day, while customers may be drawn to your business over your competitors as they can take advantage of EV charging while visiting your premises.


Boosting Employee Morale

Installing EV charging stations at your workplace is not just about keeping up with the latest tech; it’s also about showing your employees that you understand their needs and can play your part in making life that little bit easier in return for their hard work. Offering a hassle-free solution for charging their electric cars not only saves them time and effort but also reduces potential stress over access to charging points. In turn, this leads to improved employee morale and increased productivity, as happy and stress-free employees are more likely to give their best.


Showcasing Your Environmental Responsibility

As many people prioritise eco-friendly living, businesses that reduce their carbon footprint gain popularity with employees and customers. Installing EV charging stations signifies your business’s commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment for future generations. EV charging stations are carbon neutral and play a significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the dependence on harmful fossil fuels. By choosing to go green and showing that your business is environmentally responsible, you can set your brand apart from its rivals.


Enhanced Brand Visibility

Finally, installing EV charging points on your premises is not only about catering for existing customers but also about attracting new ones. When potential customers see that they can conveniently charge their electric vehicles when visiting your site, it will likely sway their purchasing decisions in your favour. It’s a win-win situation: you offer a valuable in-demand service while enhancing your brand’s visibility and appeal.


Contact Us To Find Out More

At Orion Technical Services, we can take the lead on professional EV charging point installation to keep your organisation ahead of demand and increase its visibility among potential customers. To find out more, please message us today.


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