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Why Businesses Should Prioritise Installing EV Charging Stations

A council worker charges her electric van at one of their ev charging stations.


In March 2023, approximately 16 per cent of all new car sales in the UK were for electric vehicles (EVs) according to recent data, a figure that is certain to rise as more motorists opt for sustainable solutions to reduce their dependence on damaging fossil fuels. With the government’s deadline for the sale of new petrol, diesel, and hybrid models approaching in 2030, businesses should actively plan to increase the number of commercial EV charging stations to ensure that demand doesn’t outstrip supply and meet the expectations of employees and customers.

In this article, we’ll explore why businesses should prioritise the installation of EV charging stations and the benefits of expanding the infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Meeting Expectations

With the rapid growth of the EV market, residents and visitors to your local authority area increasingly expect convenient and accessible chargers in public spaces. By installing EV charging stations, businesses can meet these expectations, enabling EV owners to confidently travel to and from the premises without fear of being stranded and unable to recharge their vehicle’s battery. This fosters a positive perception of the businesses commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness and contributes to the satisfaction of everyone involved in the business.

Strengthening Your Reputation

Businesses that prioritise the expansion of EV charging infrastructure showcase their commitment to sustainability and creating a cleaner, healthier environment for staff and customers. By increasing the number of EV charging points, your business will enhance its reputation as forward-thinking and environmentally responsible organisation. Investing in EV charging stations aligns with the global shift towards sustainable transport, attracting environmentally conscious investors, partners and customers who prioritise sustainability in their decision-making.

Leading By Example

A powerful way to lead by example is to transition the businesses fleet of vehicles to electric models. By adopting EVs, businesses demonstrate their commitment to reducing emissions and mitigating the harmful effects of climate change. Full EVs produce no exhaust emissions which results in better quality of air for residents and visitors and enhanced public health. A public commitment to sustainable practices inspires residents and businesses to follow suit, encouraging the wider adoption of electric vehicles.

Lower Costs For Residents

In addition to environmental benefits, installing EV charging stations can lead to reduced motoring costs for EV owners. Compared to conventional vehicles, electric vehicles are cheaper to operate per mile as electricity prices are generally lower than the cost of fossil fuels, resulting in long-term savings for motorists. Also, EVs have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance, leading to reduced servicing and repair costs, so they are mechanically simpler and more cost-effective for drivers.

Contact Us For Professional Ev Charging Installation

From Cardiff to Swansea and beyond, at Orion Technical Services we can take care of all your local authority’s EV infrastructure installation to keep your organisation ahead of demand. To find out more, please call us on 029 2271 0712 or message us today.

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