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How Can Solar Panels For Commercial Premises Cut Your Energy Bills?

Solar panels on a roof to show how they can cut energy bills for commercial premises.


Although 2023 saw energy prices stabilise following the unrestrained increases of the previous year, the cost of electricity remains high, with prices currently 100 per cent higher than in 2021. Much of the focus in the press has been on the impact on domestic customers, but for many businesses, the cost of energy has impacted heavily on their profits and even their ability to operate. While households have benefited from a price cap, no equivalent financial support has been available for businesses, with short-term discount schemes, such as the Energy Bill Relief Scheme, on offer instead.


The installation of commercial solar technology is a strategy that is gaining momentum, not only because it helps businesses meet their sustainability goals, but also because it offers significant cost savings. In this article, we’ll explain how solar panels for commercial premises can reduce energy bills.


A Scalable Option

The initial investment required for solar energy varies, depending mainly on the system’s size. However, it’s crucial to understand that commercial solar panels aren’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. The bigger the solar installation, the greater the potential savings on energy bills. This scalability offers businesses the flexibility to start with a small installation and expand it later as they reap the financial benefits of solar power.

Commercial solar energy is also versatile, with different configurations to ensure businesses can take full advantage of the technology. For example, ground-mounted solar panel installation is a viable alternative for businesses if conventional roof-mounted solutions aren’t suitable.


Financial Savings, Now And Later

A tantalising benefit of switching to commercial solar power is the immediate and long-term financial savings that commercial businesses can enjoy. Companies that install solar panels typically see a significant reduction in their energy bills from day one. As energy prices continue to rise over time, the savings become even more pronounced, making solar panels a viable and rewarding long-term investment in your business’s financial health.


An Extended Lifespan That Minimises Costs

When installing any new technology, it is important that it doesn’t impact on your business’s profits by imposing hefty maintenance or repair costs that negate other financial savings. Solar panels on commercial buildings offer exceptional durability and longevity, with most designed to last approximately 25 years.

Their lifespan may be extended through professional maintenance and servicing, ensuring that your business enjoys the financial benefits of your investment for many years. The longer the solar panels operate, the more money your business will save.


Access To Tax Incentives

Recognising the importance of renewable energy, the government has introduced numerous schemes to support businesses in making the switch to solar. These incentives can significantly offset the cost of installation, making solar panels an even more attractive option. To explore the specific subsidies or tax benefits for which your business is eligible, contact your local authority before commencing installation to ensure you can take advantage of the financial benefits.


Contact Us To Find Out More

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