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Rochdale Car Showroom – LED Lighting Upgrade

Our client approached us with a brief of exploring the benefits of replacing the existing showroom lighting within their Rochdale store to LED lighting.

We surveyed the site and provided the customer with an energy survey detailing the estimated running costs of the existing lighting.


Now with a base point of running costs we set about providing designs and options to reduce the running costs whilst improving the lighting levels within the store.

After being provided with two options the customer placed an order for us to replace the existing 345no 240w Low Bay lights with 200no 200w High Bay Fittings.

On completion we estimate the new LED lighting will provide a 49% saving on energy costs for the showroom lighting.

The light fittings installed come with a 50,000 Hour/ 5-year warranty and need no maintenance further increasing the savings across the lifespan of the product.

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