Wednesbury Workshop Extension

Main Incoming Supply Upgrade

Orion TS were brought in to aid with the initial design of the project and then carry out the installation.

Working alongside Box Twenty Consulting Engineers a full site survey was carried out on the existing installations demand to determine whether there was enough spare capacity on the main incoming supply to serve the proposed expansion.

After 14 days of energy monitoring, it was confirmed that the existing incoming supply was close to full load and a new main incoming supply would need to be installed in addition to the expansion works.

Orion TS Ltd worked alongside National Grid and Combro Construction Ltd to deliver the installation of a new 800kVA Substation on the boundary of our client’s premises.

The project also called for the upgrade of the client’s main incoming set up.

As the incoming supply was to be increased from 400A 3 Phase to 1250A 3 Phase the existing main distribution was undersized.

A new 1700A main panel manufactured by Harries Automation & Control Ltd was installed and an out of hours changeover over was carried out between shifts ensuring the client had no loss of production.

We provided the following services to the client for the duration of the project:

  • Project Management
  • Design
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Installation
  • Sub Main Distribution
  • LED Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Testing and Commissioning

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