Small Heath – Advertising Screen

8m x 5m SQ FT

Our client approached us to assess the possibility of installing an electrical supply to 8m x 5m external advertising screen located on the boundary line of their premises.

Following on from a site survey it was determined that whilst the site had the capacity to provide the supply to the new screen, there were no local distribution points to take the supply from.

Orion identified the most cost-effective way to supply the screen from the existing mains room and while working with the signage contractor Elonex installed 180m of 5c 150mm2 SWA in a trench to a brand new 2.2m x 1.6m Feeder Pillar to supply the screen.

Alongside the small power installation, we installed new fibre infrastructure to provide the content to the screen from the main comms room within the building.

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